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The Guide Designing a Mechitza Room Divider

Designing a mechitzah may be one of the more challenging and important decisions your community makes. This guide was to built to make this an easy and rewarding process.  

1.  Wood structure: How high will the mechitzas be until the semi-transparent top? Total height? Will the mechitza be Built-in or Portable? What is the layout? Are there any corners or turns? Does it need to be on wheels?


2.  Top “semi-transparent” material: How much visibility vs. opacity do you want to allow for. Common materials for this section of the mechitzah include all types of glass, mirror, and plastics. Decorative work can be applied with etching, laser, or CNC lattice work.


3. Get a Free Quote by sending us the information you have, along with photos, measurements, and layout of the space. Or purchase online at a discount.


4. Design Renderings: Bass Synagogue Furniture will provide you with three dimensional computer rendering of the proposed Mechitza to proportions within your space. These beautiful design renderings will help you actualize the project and potentially raise any remaining funds. You will have the opportunity to revise these designs until you are fully satisfied before production and further commitment.  



5. Production: Your mechitza will be crafted in our studio in Israel by Shomer Mitzvot Jews. We use only the highest quality materials, hardware, and finish. Attention is given to every detail. 

6. Easy Delivery and Installation: Each mechitza is custom crated in studio at no additional cost. You receive fully insured, quick, no hassel, door to door service via UPS air at very reasonable prices. Some simple installation may be necessary on site.

With an emphasis on Service – you become a client for life. We are here for you throughout the process and beyond.